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Training (I) for Noir Ladies

Training is needed as to ensure that all ladies maintain a high level of understanding of our values, vision and mission. Training is provided in stages. In stage (1)  basic training is necessary to ensure that everyone understands the Club rules. Training is part of our competitive advantage over other clubs and in particular the free-fun areas of RLC.
Training is provided by trainers (managers) and is assessed both by a test and daily work.
Noir Palace is built to provide a place of quality, classy, elegant, long term, sensual experiences. It is not an instant place of cyber-satisfaction. Noir Palace builds long term relationships with its Members. It aims to create an environment where members receive an exceptional standard of service. This is our Unique Service Proposition that differentiates us from anyone.   Members are our friends and confidants, not customers. 
To operate through our values to accomplish our Vision of providing the whole spectrum of companionship to our members.
  • Teamwork against competition
  • Trust and confidentiality
  • Ethics 
  • Discrete 
  • Fairness
  • Politeness
  • Respect
  • Dedication
  • Integrity over selfish orientation
  • Diplomacy for members satisfaction
Good to know
  1. Noir ladies shall have the internal channel active and be aware of any guidance by Noir Palace managers or elder staff. Channel is used for coordination purposes.

  2. Ladies entry level is Trial. Sign up 1 new member go 1 star or 5 members to go 3 stars plus some qualitiative criteria up to managers to assess. 

  3. ​Ladies can serve a platinum member but are reimbursed by Simoni only according to their stars. Trial ladies win up to 20 rays per session - They can serve up to 10 sessions along their trial period. One star ladies win up to 30 rays per session - They can serve up to 20 sessions per month. Three stars and managers win 40 rays per session.

  4. Take pride in being a good lady. Noir ladies are Courtesans and as such should display wit and intelligence.   Members appreciate these attributes.

  5. Read the members' profiles. Listen to them. This is the basis for optimizing your relationship with them and their experience with YOU and Noir.​

  6. Dress exotially and mysteriously.   If you lean to BDSM, dress to the role. 

  7. Noir Ladies shall ensure appropriate manners. Greeting and welcoming guests and members is asked. Keep a fair, social, classy chat in local. 

  8. During parties ladies who are online shall only be there.

  9. Noir Ladies shall keep updated their RLC profile with Noir Palace relative content - prefer classy names if possible - update their profile (bdays - favorite times) in website.

  10. Bad behavior or drama or competition or rules not conformance is reported to Managers/Simoni who they will proceed to warning and then to permanent kick - fire.

  11. Ladies who fail to come to parties more than 2 times per month without any justification or time zone justified (stated when starting at start) are loosing their stars or kicked by the Noir Palace. 

Are you ready to get assessed according to Training (1). Take the test after you have registered as website member-user. Only if your results are above 80% you can proceed to working in Noir Palace.
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