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Staff rules 

  1. Noir Ladies provide services only to Noir Palace Members as referred in this link
  2. Charge 50 R per session, up 30 minutes about. Tips are  kept by lady. Lapdance is free.
  3. Services are provided as: Bronze in Noir Palace + party place, Silver in Noir Group, Gold, Platinum anywhere.    
  4. Ladies report to Simoni and provide a 20% cut of their services, excepted managers.
  5. Auction bids are paid to 80% to ladies. Rest is kept by House. Trial ladies cannot participate.
  6. Ladies can serve a platinum member but are reimbursed by Simoni only according to their stars. 
  7. Presence in adult places is no accepted.
  8. Noir Ladies shall be in most of parties organised weekly with exception those their time zone is quite opposite. During Thursday parties the services to Gold and up members are given free as stated benefit.
  9. Training I is required to be done by 1 star ladies.
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