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Social responsibility policy

Noir Palace is a virtual reality membership Club belonging to the social virtual communities available in the Utherverse community. It is focused on providing elegant, quality integrated services to its Members by its virtual resources. It is driven by values described in its policy. It is invented in 2012, having many members and ladies to support its mission.


Noir Palace keeps a CSR policy (Community vs Corporate, Social, Responsibility). It is about how we react and regulate our work as to ensure that all of our activities positively affect virtual and real society as a whole. We guarantee that we work ethically, considering human sensitive rights as well as the social, economic and environmental impacts of what we do as a business.

Looking after Noir Ladies

 To retain loyal and happy staff, it is vital to maintain a good working environment. Noir Palace keeps following:


  • Equal Opportunities Employer for any adult age, any country

  • Keep health and safety environment

  • Work by values

  • Staff training, appraisals and personal development

  • Diverse communication channels, synchronous and asynchronous

  • Pay and benefits: salaries, auction bids etc are in time paid, renumerations in total exceed average provided in any other club in RLC

  • HR dedicated Manager(s) to ensure that any HR issues are dealt with appropriately

  • Teambuilding activities

  • React on emergent situations in proper and in discrete


Looking after our Members

 Members have a positive and lasting impression of Noir Palace.


  • Processes to improve customer satisfaction and retention

  • Daily activities to ensure the safety and quality of our services

  • Commitment to clear communication with our members by all means provided in RLC and through our dedicated website


Looking after our Suppliers

 Noir Palace ensures good suppliers and maintain a good working relationship with them. We:


  • Keep equal opportunities based on supplier performances

  • Help local community

  • Are committed to paying our suppliers properly and on time?

  • Being committed to clear communication with suppliers


Protecting the Environment

Noir Palace is committed to reducing the environment impact that our Club business activities may have. We:


  • Use forums to aware our community about waste reduction, re-use and recycling.

  • Encouraging greener transport by doing any of the following:

    • Encourage staff to walk, cycle, car share or use public transport to get to work if possible

    •  Encourage staff to use greener fuels in their personal vehicles if possible


Community Engagement

 We support local communities. We do:


  • Sponsorship of or monetary donations to local charities, societies, community centres, Utherverse activities

  • Support local charities etc. by donating time i.e. staff participation in volunteering days

  • Supporting the surrounding community by employing local people



 Bi-Monthly, we regularly monitor and assess whether these measures are working. Thus, we make a CSR activity to work under our Management Committee.

Social responsibility actions

Forum posts to engage and aware our community in health, safety, environmental, work issues.



Development of a fund to support one of our ladies’ husband death cause of corona virus (2020).



Website to inform our community for real and virtual jobs available.



Announcements in Utherverse Transports as communication channels to the whole community.

Development of a social fund initiative.

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