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BELLA Academy vision and mission:

BELLA Academy was launched on the 1st of June 2021 in BELLA City. Its vision is to create an outstanding environment where continuous vocational education and training is provided through 3D Social Networking platforms to people through their avatars representations. The Academy's mission is to provide the final user with skills to excel in real life and UV/RLC environments. 

To initiative a course we seek the learning and training needs of our communities into the Noir Palace and the BELLA City. We ask our members, our staff to complete the "Template Training needs" form in where we only select the needs, along with the ambitions of those people. To be able to get trained, you shall be part (member, staff, partner, friend) of either the Noir Palace or the BELLA city communities.

Each course is designed using the "Template Course Design" which has been made to help both the Academy and the trainers with the course aims. It includes all the requirements, the learning aims, the schedule, fees if any, exams, and certification matters. Part of it is published as Course Aims to attract people interest for training.

Academy is managed by BELLA City, Noir Palace.

Available courses:

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Business and Marketing         
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Free for BELLA members
Asynchronous learning and testing
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